Dengue Epidemiology

I research questions in dengue epidemiology and transmission dynamics. Past projects include using the epidemiology of infant cases to understand the interaction between immunity and disease and as sentinel surveillance, using time series case data to estimate infectivity of different types of cases, and dengue prediction. I am currently working on using serial dengue serology data to understand dengue transmission dynamics. Other areas of interest include climate and dengue, the asymptomatic ratio for dengue and factors influencing disease severity.

Modelling dengue immunity and infectivity

I am interested in modelling the within-host virus and immune dynamics of dengue during infection and what this tells us about the role of antibody in clearing infection. This work is also important for understanding dengue infectivity and effectively predicting the impact of interventions like wolbachia infected mosquitoes. Subsequent work looked at how the antibody response after infections and understanding how the changes in individual immunity impact transmission dynamics. 

Japanese Encephalitis Modelling

We are estimating the impact of Japanese Encephalitis vaccination across South East Asia. This work is part of the Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium:


I also have a general interest in disease forecasting using different types of data, how we can understand contact networks relevant to disease transmission and analysis of infectious disease outbreaks.

I am also interested in the insights gained from serological data and the importance of asymptomatic infections in transmission and population immunity.

A more recent interest is in how modelling can help estimate the burden of and target control strategies for vaccine preventable diseases